Electronic or electromechanical voltage stabilizers which are produced in order to prevent the devices located in houses, working places, factories etc. to be damaged depending on the voltage drops or voltage rises on main supply and to get the maximum efficiency. 


Compared to other stabilizer types, regulation speed of the ELEKTRA Static Voltage Stabilizer is much more higher (500 V/second), because it carries out the control operation with micro-processor controlled cards and correction operation by thyristor; besides it does not have any moving parts. Therefore, it does not need maintenance and its expected life is long. 


In cases where the device needs to do regulation, it does not cause any power cut, because it does the regulation every time the grid sign pass 0 (zero). Also, sensitive devices could work with complete performance since output signs don’t show any degeneration.


ELEKTRA Static Voltage Stabilizers are designed and produced in such a manner that can easily feed the non-linear loads and motor-driven devices which has high inrush current. Therefore, working of the devices that draw over instantaneous or peak current is supplied trouble-free. 


Places where grid voltage is irregular and unreliable, it is a high-tech solution for your sensitive devices to work properly. It is produced by semi-conductors and high quality material in order to operate with high efficiency at full load under extreme & high voltage charges conditions.





  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies,
  • TV / Radio transmitter stations,
  • GSM base stations,
  • image and sound production studios,
  • air - conditioners medical devices,
  • hospitals,
  • neon and laser illuminations,
  • press and textile machines,
  • photograph press machines,
  • submerging pumps,
  • ships,
  • electric motors and all electrical devices sensitive to voltage changes.




• Production between power range of 2KVA-3000KVA, with single phase output and three phase output.
• High voltage regulation speed (500 V / second)
• On / off and manuel by-pass switch for working through grid, in cases of malfunctioning
• Suitable for three phase unbalanced loads up to 100%
• Electronic protection against over current and short circuit
• Smart control and protection unit through micro-processor based boards
• User friendly, easy and comprehensive LCD display and mimic diagram (2x16 for single phase devices, 4x16 for three phases devices)
• Real static modular structure with THYRISTOR tech used in power units and SMPS tech used in power supply units.
• New technological design that is suitable for industrial environment, does not effected by dust, moisture and vibration and does not need maintenance.
• Ergonomic carrying handles and rubber foots (only for single phase)
• Omni Wheel (only for three phases)
• Safe usage for all electrical devices.
• Flexible design and software property that can easily orient itself different grid and voltage conditions
• High efficiency, silent operation
• Special, durable cabinet, powder coated with standard color named RAL-7035
• Through a software support and “Remote Management System”, the ability of monitoring and controlling (Optional)
• Surge arrestor against to spike and lightning (Optional)
• Isolation transformer (Optional)
• Harmonic filter (Optional)
• RFI filter (Optional)
• Broad service network